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LCTA Partners with Prime Occupational Medicine

By May 3, 2016 No Comments

BATON ROUGE, La. — LCTA Workers’ Comp (LCTA) and Prime Occupational Medicine announced today a first of its kind partnership that will not only provide greater health care resources to the employees of LCTA policyholders, but will also help reduce workers’ comp-related medical costs for business owners.

As part of this joint venture, more than 75,000 employees who are covered by LCTA will now have immediate access to Prime Occupational Medicine’s 24-hour nurse triage call center. This center will provide timely guidance to employees on what to do if they are injured on the job. As an added benefit, Prime Occupational Medicine’s clinics in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas will be available to those employees through their LCTA policy.

“Our team at LCTA is always looking for ways to improve outcomes for our policyholders and their employees,” Troy Prevot, LCTA executive vice president, said. “This partnership means  employees injured on the job will receive immediate high quality health care and will be able to get back to work quickly.”

While employees are receiving quicker access to care, policyholders are benefiting twofold by having their employees treated quickly and by experiencing a reduction in workers’ comp costs. By offering the nurse triage call center, an average of 48.1 percent of claims are resolved immediately by phone. This means that almost half of emergency room visits are avoided, employees have immediate care, minor issues are directed to first aid, and reporting time is significantly reduced. According to recent statistics, employers have seen up to 2400% return on nurse triage implementation.

“By providing timely injury management, we are able to keep Louisiana workers working, which in return makes organizations more efficient,” Dr. Luke Lee, medical director of Prime Occupational Medicine, said. “Partnering with LCTA means we can expand our high quality resources to care for even more employees”

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