Worker’s Comp Made Simple

LCTA delivers what businesses today need from their workers’ comp provider. Responsiveness. Reliability. Expertise. Stability. From easy access to account information to simple and accurate premium payment options to innovative programs designed to improve safety, we are making workers’ comp less work for businesses.


As a policyholder of LCTA Workers’ Comp, you enjoy the benefits of having easy and secure online access to your account information. Our Online Service Center allows you to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Check your account balances
  • See when payments are posted
  • View claims information
  • Report a claim
  • Review policy information
  • Access safety resources and programs


At LCTA, we’re always looking for ways to make workers’ comp easy and hassle-free. That includes premium payments. Policyholders have a choice of paying their premiums simply and securely through our Online Service Center or through installments that are automatically deducted.


We provide our free First Look Safety Inspections to all new policyholders, regardless of their size. Learn more about the benefits of this exclusive service!

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Online Payments

Simple and quick. That’s the benefit of using our Online Service Center to make premium payments online. Monthly self-reporting through the Online Service Center takes only five easy steps:

  1. Sign into your account on our website
  2. Enter your payroll amounts
  3. Click on Calculate Premium button
  4. Click Pay To A/R button and payments are made via EFT
  5. Print a copy of your completed worksheet and payment confirmation for your records.

No more receiving worksheets in the mail. No more calculating premiums by hand. No more mailing checks in. Just a few clicks and you’re on to more important things.

Installment Payment Plans

For many businesses, a traditional installment payment plan works best. These installments are calculated from the estimated payroll when the policy is issued. The annual premium is broken down into either monthly or quarterly payments and automatically deducted from the insured’s account at the appropriate time.

Installment Plans are convenient because the insured doesn’t have to worry about calculating and issuing payments.